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UPC code: 782515004604
PixelView Play TV 400 USB (TV tuner w/Capture)

PixelView PlayTV 400 USB lets you to experience full-screen, high-resolution video entertainment without your desktop.With a built-in TV tuner and various video connections for additional bonus such as a VCD, VCR, DVD,or PS2/X-Box,

Simply plug it into a CRT or LCD monitor, and you can enjoy watching and capture TV shows, VCDs right away.

Product Description

TV Watching (or capturing) on LCD/CRT monitor. No PC required.

Use it when play your TV gamer, like PS / PS2 / XBOX.

Support 720 x 480 display and capture

Time-Shifting allows to pause Live TV

Auto-scan air/cable TV channels.

Video Input and Output.Component Video Input and Output.

Remote control for easy switching channels.

Favorite Channel Setting.with 16-Channel Preview

Product specification:

TV box

USB Bus Power, no extra AC adapter required
Video and Audio pass through USB bus, no extra audio cable

Still Image Capture and Album Functions
Save image to BMP, JPG, format

High speed Interface trough USB 2.0
Easy to install One Step

Scheduling Recording
Record/ Playback live TV programs and video

Remote Control
Resizable TV Window up to Full Screen

Input: RCA pin; S-video; TV cable RF


Intel Pentium III 800MHz and compatible computer. (Watch TV only)

Intel Pentium4 1.7GMHz or higher and compatible computer. (Recording)

Hard Drive at least 250MB free space.

2GB free Hard Drive space. (for recording)

Windows 2000 SP4 ; Windows XP SP1

Sound Card supports audio mix functions


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