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PixelView Play TV Box 4 (Stand alone & USB TV tuner)

PixelView PlayTV BOX (Box mode) lets you to experience full-screen, high-resolution video entertainment without your desktop.With a built-in TV tuner and various video connections for additional bonus such as a VCD, VCR, DVD,or PS2/X-Box,

USB TV Capture Mode: with USB 2.0, it offers a full screen video resolution upto 720x480x30fps. It offers a S-Video input, a composite Video input, a stereo audio line in & aTV RF input. So you can record the full motion video.

Product Description

TV Watching on LCD/CRT monitor. No PC required.

Use it when play your TV gamer, like PS / PS2 / XBOX.

Support 1280X1024 /1024x768/ 800X600 resolution. 16:9 Wide screen display (1280 x 768).

Transparent made allows image behind the small screen show through.

Stand-alone without turn on PC. No software drivers required!! or with PC to record full motion of video.

Auto-scan air/cable TV channels.

Video Input and Output.Component Video Input and Output.

Touch button in the front panel..

Favorite Channel Setting.

Product specification:

Stand Alone TV Box Mode:
3D Progressive Scan (De-interlacing): easily converts the conventional TV interlaced (scanned every other lines) signals into progressive ones (scanned every line).

The line flickering is reduced a lot, it detects motion based on user programmable thresholds, and the aliasing probllem is greatly redeced.
it adopts new technologies like gamma correction, non-linear scaling, luminance/color transient improvement, sharpness enhancement.

Channel Auto-tuning: when you search TV channels, it will auto-tne the air or cable TV channels.
Multi-input Connections: lets you use your PC moniter to watch TV prgram, video or you DVD player, VCR & Game Console with or without your PC switched on.

supports 16:9 wide-screen mode
Watch TV program with timer to be switched off automatically.

USB TV capture Mode:
full-screen Video resolution Input: with USB 2.0 it offers a full screen resolution up to 720x480x30 fps.

WDM compatible, it works with all AP software compatible with WDM standard.
USB 2.0 supported: with up to 480Mbps, it brings your video reolution up to the DVD quality.

Multi-Input connections: Multi-input Connections: lets you use your PC moniter to watch and record the full motion of TV prgram, video or you DVD player, VCR & Game Console.
IR remote Control. VGA output MOde upto 1280x1024(SXGA)@60Hz; 1024x768 @ 85Hz

Out put
Composite Video out
Speaker Sound output
D-15 Pin Monitor RGB output
Output to VGA card
output to USB

TV Signal In
S-Video In
Composite Video In
audio L&R In
5V Power input


TV Box Mode:

Air or Cable Antenna

LCD or CRT monitor

Speakers with 3.5mm Stereo Connector

Power Outlet

USB TV Capture Mode:

PC with USB 2.0 port;
CD-ROM 8X speed or above;
5400RPM or above (7200RPM prefered) Hard Disk;
Sound Card;
128MB RAM (256MB prefered)

CPU: Full D1 MPEG2 - P$ 2.4GHz or above;
DVD 720x480 MPEG2 - P4 2.0GHz or above;
VCD 352x288 MPEG1 - P3 1.5GHz

operating system: Windows XP

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