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UPC code: 782515164353
PixelView GeForce MX440-8X 64MB 64bit w/TV-out

PixelView MX440-8X series use NVIDIA NV18 GPU which is a revolutionary core of integrated technology that includes a high-performance graphics processing subsystem,

Support for both AGP3.0 (AGP8X/4X) and AGP2.0(AGP4X/2X/1X) systems, and an advanced memory subsystem.

Product Description

Graphics Engine NVIDIA GeForce4 MX440-8X GPU

Video Memory 64MB DDR Memory

Core/Memory Clock: 230/333 MHz


Bus standard AGP 8X

Refresh Rate 60-240 Hz

TV-Out support

Product specification:

By adding support for the newest AGP3.0 features,
PixelView GeForce4 MX440 with AGP8X series can take advantage of the new peak AGP bandwidth of 2.1 GB/s to offer even higher graphics performance

But it still supports the AGP2.0 specification,
it retains compatibility with older AGP4X, AGP2X and AGP 1X systems.


Windows XP/ME/2000/98/95

128MB system RAM

CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

VGA or DVI-I compatible monitor

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