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PixelView Play TV @Live! 3300S IP-TV

PixelView Play TV@Live! 3300S lets you watch your subscribed TV channels from anywhere in the world, through internet connection.

You can install this setup box at home, (which has the cable in) then you can watch any of your subscribed TV channels from around the world from your PC, notebook etc with internet access. It is like DVD quality and you can remote change channels.
And you can also hook up a carmera at home, so that you can supervise what is happening at home. All of those functions are secured by password of your choise, so no one could break into it.
So it could be an IP-TV and a home security protection.

Price: $ 90.00


Product Description

Setup the device at home, and you can watch TV programs, DVD movies, or even supervising home activities from around the world.

With remote control (included) you can change to any channels you have subscribed, either from cable or satellite from anywhere.

Support any TV channel signals; Support IR control for any channel devices.

Support DVR, digital cable, satellite recerver, DVD player and other video audio input.

Built-in Analog TV Tuner, to scan all local air channels.

No monthly charges as you have subscribed to the cable or other TV channels.

support scheduled or real-time recording to attached hard disk or pen drive.

support external USB hard disk or USB pen drive.

More Information

Product specification:

Compare with SlingBox:

Network video and security monitoring
High-performance H.264 video compression chipset

D1/Half-D1 /DCIF / CIF /QCIF real time compression supported

D2P serveice and UPnP compatibility make an easy network connection

normally no network adjustment necessary.

IR remote control learning function for any video device control.

real time anywhere watching TV or home activities.


intel Pentium4 2.0GHz up

RAM 512MB up

Win XP SP2 or Vista

Hard disk space 100MB up

VGA card supports DirectDraw Overlay

PCI sound card or on-board audio

Ethernet LAN port 10/100Mbps

Microsoft DirectX9.0c up

Router with UPnP function;

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