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PixelView Play TV @P7000 (Media Centre)

PixelView PlayTV@P7000 turns your PC into a "full-functional Personal Video Recorder",, which provides you the highest quality digital recording of broadcast TV and other video sources. It allows you to manage all your TV viewing easier.

The best features in terms of standard record and playback; it provides you the advanced features such as Time-shifting, instant replay, pause, and fast-forward while you are watching live TV show. Selectable real-time MPEG2 compression

Product Description

TV channel Full channel for 181 channel

TV Sound Stereo / Bilingual

TV-RF / FM-RF Input 75ohm F/IEC Type connector

Composite-Video RCA Pin ; S-Video Mini Din 7Pin

Line In Female Phone Jack

Video Bit Rate: MPEG2 (Hardware) Full D1: 2 - 15Mbps(VBR,CBR)

Audio Bit Rate 224Kbps ; Sampling Rate 44.1KHz, 48KHz

Frame Size 720 x 480 (NTSC)

Board Size 167.0 mm x 64.7mm

Product specification:

Excellent TV/Capture PCI tuner card, for MCE
Watch TV and Capture images
Fingertip 1 (F1)-TV
Watch your favorite TV program

TV/FM/Video/Audio Input
Theater enjoyment on your PC

FM Radio
Listen to FM radio while doing homework
Fingertip 2 (F2)-FM
Listen to FM radio

Time-Shifting (Pause Live TV show)
Stop the show while you are busy
Fingertip 3 (F3)-CD
Listen to CD

MPEG II/DVD recording
Capture images into MPEG1/2 format

Scheduled Recording
You won't miss your favorite shows

Remote Controller included
1 remote, you control all

Teletext for Windows
Provide you all list of TV channels

C.P.U-Cellular Phone United
Send your command to your PC via Cellular Phone!


600-MHz processor or faster

Microsoft Window XP Media Center Edition. (MCE)

128 MB RAM and 250 MB free disk space for applications

20 GB or above free disk space for DVD/MPEG2 (hardware) reco

Approximately 450 MB for every 10 minutes of captured video

Video card and monitor that support 16-bit color or above

Sound card

CD-ROM drive; CD-Recorder or DVD-Recorder

Available PCI slot; and Analog video source device(s), such

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