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UPC code: 782515340979
PV-N36XA (256KV)
PixelView GeForce FX 5700LE 256MB w/VIVO

With NVIDIA's latest NV36, we are ready to present the revolutionary GeForce FX5700LE.

Product Description

GPU: nVidia GeForce FX5700LE (NV36)

Core/Memory Clock 250/400 MHz;

256MB DDR Memory (16M x 16 x 8) ; -5ns

Memory Bandwidth 15.2GB/sec. Fill Rate 1.9 billion texels/sec.

Vertices per Second 356 million ; Memory Data Rate 950 MHz

Pixels per Clock (peak) 4 ; Textures per Pixel 16

Dual RAMDACs 400 MHz

AGP 3.0 support for 8X/4X/1X VGA, DVI, VIVO

Graphics Core 256-bit ; Memory Interface 128-bit

Product specification:

Max resolution 2048 x 1536 85Hz

DX9 with Vertex Shader 2.0+ and Pixel Shader 2.0+

NVidia CineFx 2.0 engine

128-bit studio-precision color

4-layer PC board

Integrated NTSC TV encoder for up to 1024x768

3D Rendering Engine up to 16 textures per pass

DVD & HDTV-ready decode 1920x1080i

Support DVI for compatibility with 1600 x 1200.


any motherboard with AGP bus

windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP

DirectX 9 or higher and OpenGL Features

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