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PixelView GeForce MX4000 64MB 64Bit w/TV-out

new computing revolutionary vision with the strong announcement of most powerful and extremely qualified performed 3D VGA products - PixelView GeForce MX4000 Series

The GeForce MX4000 graphics processing units (GPU) still claims for the emphasis of perfect evoke of 3D PC gaming performance and fits you most while operating cinematic visual video or gameplay.

Product Description

Graphics Chipset GeForce MX4000

Core/Mmemory Clock 250/333 MHz;

Memory Interface 64MB DDR 64Bit

Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec.) 8.0

Fill Rate (texels/sec.) 1.0 billion

Triangles/sec. 31 million

dual RAMDACs (MHz) 350MHz

NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)

Product specification:

Delivers best-in-class features, performance, and
Includes support for a 128MB frame buffer

NVIDIAR nView. multi-display technology
for the ultimate display flexibility and user control

NVIDIAR Accuview Antialiasing.
delivers incredible visual quality and frame rate

2 dual-rendering pipelines
4 texels per clock cycle

Cube environment mapping
64MB DDR RAM memory

High-performance 2D rendering engine


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