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PixelView Play TV HDTV (ATSC+Analogue)

Play TV HDTV allows you to watch high quality HDTV ( about 45 air ATSC TV channels in LA area) programs and display video on your PC. You will never miss any exciting sport games or live news.

Product Description

Input TV 75ohm IEC/F Type coaxial cable

Input FM IEC/F Type connector ; FM reception 87.5MHz ~ 108MHz

Input Video RCA female jack

Input S-Video mini-DIN female jack

Input Audio 3.5mm female jack

Input Remote Control 1.5mm female jack

Output Audio out 3.5mm female jack ; mono

Tuner module: NTSC; PAL-M; PAL-N

Certification in Windows XP / 2000 / ME

Product specification:

Conexant CX23883 chipset.;
10 bits video decode

HDTV (ATSC)/Video/Audio Input
about 45 channels of HDTV (air ASTC) channels. with no flakeing lines

Video capture rate upto 30 frames/ sec
720x576 high video resolution (MPEG2)

Video conferencing ready.
VBI Teletext support

Autoscan and freescan support
Flick free technology with best components

Easy to search and set TV channels memor
PlayTV Pro Ultra provides the best quality for fast-motion video.

Video On Desktop


AVI Video/Photo; Pentium II 450MHz, 128MB RAM or better

MPEG1 Video(320x240), Pentium II 450MHz or better

MPEG2 Video(720x576), Pentium III 1GHz or better

PCI 2.1 compatible slot

Windows XP/ME/2000

VGA card with DirectX 8.0 support

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