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PV-M4900 FM.RC
PixelView Play TV MPEG 2

PixelView PlayTV MPEG2 turns your PC into a 'full-functional Personal Video Recorder', which provides you the highest quality digital recording of broadcast TV and other video sources.

Product Description

Input TV 75ohm IEC/F Type coaxial cable

Input FM IEC/F Type connector ; FM reception 87.5MHz ~ 108MHz

Input Video RCA female jack

Input S-Video mini-DIN female jack

Input Audio 3.5mm female jack

Input Remote Control 1.5mm female jack

Output Audio out 3.5mm female jack

Tuner module: NTSC; PAL-M; PAL-N

Certification in Windows XP / 2000 / ME

Product specification:

Excellent TV/Capture PCI Tuner card

TV/FM/Video/Audio Input

FM Radio

Time-Shifting (Pause TV)

MPEG2/DVD recording

Schedule Recording

Video On Desktop


Remote Control


AVI Video/Photo; Pentium II 450MHz, 128MB RAM or better

MPEG1 Video(320x240), Pentium II 450MHz or better

MPEG2 Video(720x576), Pentium III 1GHz or better

PCI 2.1 compatible slot

Windows XP/ME/2000

VGA card with DirectX 8.0 support

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